Back at Topaz Lake!

I’m back at Topaz Lake!

Rather, I’m back at Topaz Lake with two others. Soheil (my hiking partner and mentor from the Bruce Trail experiences) and Josh, a friend of his, are at Topaz Lake in Killarney Provincial Park. Regrettably, Ron, my partner last year, injured his shoulder a couple of weeks ago and had to back out. Shucks …

We drove up this morning, had excellent pickerel and chips at Hurlburt’s in the town of Killarney, booked in at the Park Office and were on the trail by 1 P.M.

Killarney has had rain, lots of rain in the last few days, I was concerned that the trails might be wet and muddy. Not so — so far! We had sunny skies, good winds through the trees, and pleasant temperatures of about 14°. Great hiking conditions!

With all the rain of the last month or so, the mushroom crop is spectacular! I’ve seen well over 40 species, mostly ones I can’t identify other than confirm that they’re different than the others. (This is Amanita muscaria, the fabled poisonous/hallucigenic fly agaric.)

(This and following posts about hiking the LaCloche Silhouette Trail in Killarney Provincial Park are regrettably almost three weeks old …)

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