I’m resurrecting this old blog and am using it to think out loud about my thru-hike along the Bruce Trail here in Ontario as I trace Spring northwards.

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Having had that wonderful experience along the Bruce Trail, I am now occasionally adding hiking related posts as I continue to appreciate experiencing the world at the slow pace of ‘shank’s mare’.

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  1. Hi, I have just read all of your posts in 1 sitting. I am an online sewing friend of Gillians, from Australia. It is wonderful reading about your adventures. You’re inspiring. I must dust off my hiking gear 🙂 Happy hiking!

  2. I stumbled across this as my partner and I are planning to do a hike of the northern stretch of the Bruce Trail and were looking for any recommendations/tips for hiking this portion – I was wondering if you could give any pointers about how you approached planning this trip?

    • If you read through the earliest posts, Kristyn, you’ll get a sense of how I went about organizing my thruhike. Lots of book reading, lots of online reading, lots of getting out and trying stuff, lots of time asking questions in good outdoors stores, and grocery stores.
      The northern part of the Bruce Peninsula is wonderful. (I presume you’re talking about the area around Tobermory in the national park.) You really do have to book campsites at the remote spots. They’re beautiful spots, BTW! The terrain itself is gorgeous. Parts can be challenging, but in my opinion not more so than many other spots along the Bruce Trail. If the weather is wet, do be very careful on the bare rocks and on the beaches. They will be very very slippery!
      Have a fine trip!

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