An off sort of day …

A sort of blah day lesving Wiarton yesterday. Weather was fine. Bugs minimal. But beyond the newly-opened Disappearing Stream property, the Trail was very similar all the way up the high coast: rocky, tricky, and half poison ivy …  Both of us felt off; we didn’t talk much — until I got onto religion … which picked things up momentarily …

Leaving Wiarton, I think I had a 12.5kg base wt pack + 4.5kg food + 6kg water … That’s a lot of water to carry … I still am packing my fears …

Caught in the act of disappearing — The Disappearing Stream goes into a hole in the limestone and comes up several hundred metres away

Disappearing ash at the Disappearing Stream


Disappearing Trilliums

2 thoughts on “An off sort of day …

  1. I’m hoping the disappearing ash is not disappearing into emerald ash borers? The woods around Wyburne are very much white ash, mixed with sugar maple. On older maps, there was a feature somewhere around there called Swan Lake. More modern versions have instead a little squiggle called Swan Lake Drain. My mom always found that very poignant.

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