Truly blessed!

One of my core advisors and enablers joined us on the Trail today. We hiked, did a bit of birding as we rambled, told stories all along, slipped down the muddiest section of the Trail so far going down the switchbacks through Devil’s Glen, and did our best to lighten his pack. Oh my! Pineapple, cherry tomatoes, apples, buttertarts, granola bars … And Dave was much safer with a lighter pack! …

Last man standing!

Along the way around the tilled fields we saw a place where a modern farmer, using a tractor bucket, pushed fresh field stone onto an old lichen-covered stone field verge. Never seen that before!

good fences make good neighbours

Then we were picked up by Sue, another one of the courageous and creative central core who helped so much in transitioning the amalgamated outdoor education staffs. Sue is also the proprietress of the Singhampton ‘hostel’ where we de-stinked, were overfed, and promptly and ungraciously fell asleep before the sun even set … 

Tomorrow the two of us (K & I) will slackpack a 10–15 km section. We’ll be joined by another of my most trusted advisors in the afternoon. Blessed indeed! And to cap it off, my wife will drive up for supper! 

A bucolic breakfast spot!

The Bruce Trail version of yesterday’s blog! (featuring the North Outlier st Mono Cliffs, as Dave & I instantly noted)

2 thoughts on “Truly blessed!

  1. A very inspiring and educational time with these two (three) trail adventurers. I am excited now to experience more of this trail that I have yet to explore. Thanks for the stories, companionship, inspiration and pieces of finely crafted gorp! Onward!

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