Trail counseling 

A long-time outdoor education colleague is a senior staff at an adolescent addiction recovery facility near the Trail. He invited me for lunch and perhaps a chat with the kids about thruhiking the Bruce Trail. Not only did Jake impress us greatly with the details of their remarkably successful program, they fed us very well! I spoke briefly about why I’m hiking, and of the unflagging support and encouragement of my wife. I told how I’d first met Kookork online, and then miraculously bumped into him early along the Trail, how we bonded immediately, and of how much I was learning from him. Kookork spoke eloquently of the deep soul-searching, troubling as well as joyous, that took over so much of his first thruhike, and ultimately how valuable that reliving of his life continues to be. We talked a bit more, and answered questions. We were back on the Trail after topping up some water bottles. 

The long climb down into the Pine River valley had been through deep rich semi-mature forests. The climb up north out of the valley was much longer, with several very long remarkably steep uphills. Right now we’re ensconced below a maple ridge towards the setting Sun, and facing the coming sunrise. The Wood Trushes have quieted. (Or perhaps I’ve taken out my hearing aids …) There’s a quiet gold burnish warming the tops of the trees along the ridge and …

(I dropped my phone too many times … Good night! The full moon now fills the bush with light …)

4 thoughts on “Trail counseling 

  1. Well I finally got a chance to catch up with your blog, including the defamatory account of my time spent with the two (three counting the pooch) of you. I had a wonderful time and have no regrets. Turns out that the training I did for the hike has left me in great shape for the “extreme” gardening I have been doing since i got home from the two “part days” with you. Thanks so much for inviting me and accommodating to my quirks.
    I found your sleeping accommodation in the hammock rather intriguing even with the velcro racket it makes when coming or going. So I finally got a chance last night to try my son’s hammock as a sleeping venue. I slept well, tolerated the rather confined space and rolled out early because of the noisy birds – a robin and a catbird at 4:30am. I was welcomed back to the house (100 metres away) with coffee and documentary photos taken of me dragging home my thermarest AND closed cell pad. Snug I was!

    • Walking around Mono Cliffs Park, I had a chance to re-examine my grazing ideas back on familiar territory where I do know the relatively precise timing from personal experience. Quite bang on, actually! Fascinating!
      The change to glacial till has made huge difference to the Trail. Bobolinks all through the hayfields up here — glorious!
      Do join us again, Mave!

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