Gear list — post-hike 

I finally went through the stuff I ended up carrying home in my pack. I should publish that list.

Instead, I’m publishing what I now think I would take next time. It’s close to what I actually came home with. But I’m thinking about trails ahead more than paths behind …

overall, hammock, sleeping, pack

kitchen, shoes


first aid & repair kit


(Can you spot what I missed including in this list?)

Some details that strike my eye — or hurt my back:

  • The ‘skin-out’ weight is everything I carried except for the consumable items of water, food, and fuel. 12.4kg is too much … But it is down from something over 17kg at my start. Thanks again, Kookork!
  • I’ve coloured items heavier than 500 grams with red ink. I am a tall man and many things are inevitably bigger and heavier. Shoes, clothes, pack, hammock …
  • In this list, I’ve not made any major alterations to the gear I used. I should consider a better sleeping kit, i.e., a lighter yet warmer top-quilt and under-quilt combo. I could drop perhaps half a kilogram or more if I switched to a Caldera Cone cooking system that would enable using wood as a fuel option, reducing the amount of alcohol fuel I carry. I could re-examine what I wear. … None of these changes would be free …
  • I’m pretty happy with what I ate, but if I switched food ideas, I would be able to lose gear weight, i.e., by going full no-cook. That’s another whole blog topic …

What strikes your eye? What would you question? What would you change?

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