We completed The Bruce Trail early in the afternoon today! 

About a month ago — in a snow squall — we were met here at Spirit Tree Cidery by my family, having come northbound from Queenston. That seemed miraculous!

Today, we arrived back here, having finished at Tobermory last Saturday. But we needed to clean up several missed kilometres. Last Sunday we did the Bayview Escarpment with David. Monday was a ‘zero’, back at home. Then, over the last three days, we completed the Caledon section that we had initially skipped to stay on my ‘schedule’. 

So … DONE!



Raising a glass together!

She who made it possible!


(I will post a few more blogs — there’s lots to share, but we’ve thruhiked the Bruce Trail in 45 days, mostly camping along the way, and including two ‘zeros’! Whahoo!)

18 thoughts on “Done! 

  1. Very good management, somehow ending up at Spirit Tree! I can’t come to practice tonight, so I do hope you can persuade your companions to come to next year’s Wassail….

  2. I’ll bet you are the only ones to ever hit the same ciderery twice on an End-to-End…some fancy footwork! Congratulations!

  3. I’m so glad you did this! It sounds like an amazing experience and I certainly enjoying following along via your blog posts. Thanks for doing that for us. Aren’t showers and running water amazing things after roughing it. They are magical!

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