Accelerating into Summer

We started our three-day cleanup of the Caledon section of the Bruce Trail this morning. (We’d skipped it on our way northwards in order to stick to my naïve schedule of visits along the way.) We’re slackpacking these days without our heavy packs and carrying only water and snacks and a few necessities. My wife dropped us off at the north end of the Caledon section near Mono Centre. 

We saw three people along the Trail, one dog-walker, and two day hikers not even carrying water. Other than that we had the Trial to ourselves. 

Though I live nearby, I’d never walked more than a few kilometers of the Trail through the Hockley Valley. The forests are gorgeous, often filled with huge mature trees, deep cove valleys, and lovely streams. Kookork counts today as one of his favourite days of the thruhike.

Most noticeably, we were accelerated forward into Summer at a great rate as we travelled from the northern lake-cooled end of the Bruce Peninsula into the heart of Central Ontario. 

A gorgeous stream

Few things say Summer like milkweed flower buds!

Tracking the Summer sun

Fine sentiments from Thomas Berry


The mandarins were so tasty!

Tomorrow is our second last day, with some fine views promised, but with lots of road-walking. Not my favourite day …

But Thursday is our last day — COMPLETION!

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