Done! … sort of … 

From the National Park staff via the inimitable Tony!

Tobermory dolomite on the left, and Queenston dolomite on the right — spanning the Bruce Trail end-to-end!

Kookork and Delta at the Northern Terminus of the Bruce Trail in Tobermory


Yellow colour phase & normal colour of Castilleja coccinia

Carpets such as I’ve never seen!

18 thoughts on “Done! … sort of … 

  1. Congratulations (sort of….hee hee) it’s an amazing accomplishment. Pleased to have been a little part of it.

  2. Congratulations! Well done! I’m going to miss your nightly reports! Thanks for doing them. It’s been fun to follow along and see the pictures and hear the stories.

    • Thanks, Eunice! We’ve 73km still to do, likely over three slack-packing days (without packs). Seems odd to actually ‘finish’ this way …

  3. Congratulations! Like Eunice I am going to miss my bedtime story. What a great adventure! Thank you Cathy for encouraging him to do it.

  4. Well done, Mark! I am going to miss reading your daily adventures with my morning coffee. I wonder what End-to-End number you will have. I am #919!

  5. Congratulations Mark, and your fellow hikers. I am sorry I didn’t get to join you. Maybe next time!! I have so much enjoyed your nighty reports and the great photos. I have saved them all to read again.

    • We’ve still got 73km in Caledon to finish on Tues/Wed/Thursday …
      (And where is your Sydenham section? We must have walked on it …)

  6. Great to hear, Mark, and enjoyed your blog of the journey…inspiring for sure!
    Happy trails going home!
    Cheers, Deb

  7. Right on you guys! What a journey, adventure, self exploration that will ruminate and grow in your mind for years to come. SATISFACTION!

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