High Dump!

I can scarcely believe what I’m seeing when I look at the overall map! 


We are on the ‘flat’ north-facing portion of the Bruce Peninsula! Two days to Tobermory! Two days until I hold my wife tightly in my arms and once again thank her for making this all possible. 

We are all alone at High Dump too. Sort of … Supposedly there’s a bear around. Or so the park says. Probably a wise precaution. My food is hung courtesy of their bear-bag-hanging apparatus. (This will be the first time I’ve hung my food higher than my head height. The last few nights I’ve been stashing it in Kookork’s tent with he and his dog. Tonight, I used the park’s gear. Wouldn’t take my fancy Kevlar Ursack again. Great piece of kit, but overkill/overweight for this Trail. I’d just use a good drybag in the future. Much lighter.)

There are also my friends who swarm around trying to read what I’m typing. 

Non-biting chironomid midges swarming above my head

Up at 5:30 A.M. as usual. Off by 6:20 as usual. Walked, talked, stopped to smell the flowers, snacked, walked, talked, snacked, took photos of Swallowtail butterflies, walked, talked, etc. … Got to High Dump by 5:20 P.M. Our last shared dinner of one of my me-made soups (lentil & rice curry, quinoa soup mix, dehydrated European veggies & herb mix, mayo and more mayo, and tilit (naan chunks)).  I’m now down on the beach, resting against the steep face of the second beach ridge, tapping out this post, and texting back and forth with friends and family. Sun is now down. I’m getting cool … Only 5° forecast for tonight. Wearing everything!!!

(A surprised Common Merganser just swam into view as the sun sets — it exploded along the water, taking off as fast as it could!)

Small Yellow Lady’s Slipper orchids are at times more common than dandelions along the roads and paths!

Such a view of life!

such a propitious start to the day! A three-coffee granola!

Look at the colours of that water!

Met the Bavarian Andy, hiking south to Owen Sound , having alreadybdone 1000 miles of the AT, plus other Trails and cities,


Roadwork in the sun

2 thoughts on “High Dump!

    • Thanks, Gwen. It’s been quite the almost meditative experience to put thoughts into words and photos and to share them!

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