Another guest!

When we were walking northbound out of Owen Sound this morning, a dog walker crossed the road and came towards us. As we often do from a distance we try to identify the breed and get a read of the dog’s temperament and the owner’s handling. (… Will Delta be safe, or do we protect him …) “Energetic!” “Nova Scotia Duck Toller” “Fine!”

And lo and behold — it was Herb from choir! Riser king of Achill! Tenor voice like an angel! (My present ear worm is him singing Peter Cornelius’ Three Kings over the gorgeous slow cadence of a Bach chorale!) And completing his 8th section hike of the complete Bruce Trail at speeds that are over double our comfortable long distance pack-laden trudge!

He and his high-energy Aussie Shepherd cross Duck Toller came with us for nearly 18 km — including Herb’s Trail Magic of a thermos jug of ice water as we passed his car. He continued on with us for a bit more until we reached the Spring at the Glen Campsite and then returned to his car to complete a few more kilometres before heading home. He’d guessed where we might be (and we were a few km south of that because we only did half a day yesterday).

So great to walk and chat with him! He and Kookork traded stories about their past hiking adventures: Iran compared to Kilimanjaro, Bhutan, and so many more adventures for Herb! He also carried my pack while I chatted with my cousin briefly back in Canada from her home in Goma, the Congo. I think he was glad to shift the load back to me — and understands our slower pace a bit better. 

What a wonderful surprise to have him find us and join us! 

My blue & green & black pack on Herb’s back


  • Sharing so much of the day with Herb!
  • The return of Poison Ivy … I think I’m more afraid of PI than I am of Lyme Disease. At least I can and did protect myself from ticks using permethrin. We saw monstrous vining Poison Ivy through Niagara, then essentially none until a few plants a day beginning a couple of days ago. Now, we’re seeing it increasingly frequently in dry and sunny areas. Passing little blocks of alvars today, it’s suddenly common. Damn stuff …

    Luxurient growth in an alvar crack .

  • A spring burbling clear water out of the base of the Escarpment 
  • UV water treatment of cold clear spring water.

  • My hammock hung across a couple of small crevices, using storm mode in anticipation of tonight’s forecast rainstorm. 
  • One of the last Red Trilliums … 

2 thoughts on “Another guest!

  1. Poison Ivy & ticks & coyotes & stumbling from lack of calories…. Yikes! I had no idea the ticks had spread so far (I thought they were only found around Lake Erie) Now, I find out they are likely in my back yard?
    Very cool how you keep meeting people with close associations to the Bruce Trail association.
    Very Impressed with your progress.

    • Thanks, Stephen! Haven’t seen ticks since before Orangeville. But definitely your area. 2nd highest infection rate w Borrelia, the Lyme Disease organism…

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