Wet gortex, wet socks, soggy feet, and a new blister

(I apparently didn’t actually post this blog entry from several days ago …)

Last night I hung my shoes, as usual, outside under the tarp. Big thunder & lightning show as forecast, without much wind and only moderate rain. I had rigged the tarp low and close to the hammock for maximum coverage. I was confident my shoes would stay dry. 

They didn’t. Nor did my socks. So when I put them on this morning at sunrise, the socks were wet, and the shoes were wet. 

The gortex — yes, I know I’m cheating on the name — worked really well all winter. Never were my feet wet, and always they were warm. But the material also keeps the water in. Gortex shoes don’t dry easily. Wet socks in wet gortex shoes don’t dry. Wet feet get waterlogged and blister easily. 

Within an hour, I developed a new blister, this time on my left heel. I treated it, but now that blister is going to take some time to heal. Fiddle-dee-dee …

Highlights:  (Sorry, no pics today. We’re camped down in a valley with almost no cellphone signal. I know, shocking eh!)

  • We saw no other hikers all the way, until the very last several kilometres when we got into the Limehouse Conservation Area.
  • We were walked through road construction under the 401 by a foreman this morning. Sweet! That cut five km of detour!
  • The Dufferin Quarry just north of the 401 is enormous. It took well over an hour to escape the sounds of it!
  • Some glorious woods today! The Gosling tract was lush, biodiverse, and also spatially diverse! Colombines, two Violet’s new to me (a stemless white, and a very pretty pale blue stemless), my first senescent Red Trillium, …
  • Some very rocky sections that demanded full and constant attention. 
  • The Speyside tract had lots of very impressive vernal pools and silver maple swamps — the most I’ve ever seen!
  • Pulled our second and third deer ticks (Lyme disease carriers) off Delta, Kookork’s wonderful dog. One of today’s was fully engorged … No ticks on either of us, though. 
  • Tomorrow, Mave joins us for the afternoon, overnight, and the next morning! 
  • And then I’m home for a full ‘zero’ (zero km day off), followed by several days of slack-packing (sleeping at home, being driven and from the trail, and carrying only a light day pack) before shouldering the full pack and continuing to Tobermory. 
  • Most of all, home means  being with my wife! 

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