Kicked out of …

We got 2 kilometres into Kelso Conservation late this afternoon when we were told the Park was closed. We were told to hike 2 km back to Appleby Line … Turns out there was a tragic death of a cyclist earlier in the day. The police investigation wasn’t finished. 

So we did a solid 28 km today! And feeling it! Kookork set up his tent on beautiful pine duff, ate his cold supper, and went to sleep. I had a challenging time hanging my hammock between two bendy young conifers. The tarp is strung low to the hammock because of the forecast thunderstorms, but when I get into the hammock, the conifers flex, the hammock sags comfortably, but the tarp loosens. I think I’m ok for tonight. We’ll see …

woodcock nest near my hammock

Right now I’m being serenaded by “drink your tea” as a Rufous-sided Towhee moves around his land, singing his evening bounds. Seems I’m about in the middle of his territory. Lovely!

Several highlights of the day:

  • No senescent (correct spelling!) trilliums today. 
  • Two women stopped their car as they passed us on some backroad and passed me a bottle of cold water, wishing me all the best in enjoying God’s Creation. I thanked them profusely, agreeing with their sentiment, but not their particulars. 
  • Shortly later we chatted with a senior quite strutting along on his daily constitutional. When he asked how old I thought he was, I replied ’71’ after looking at his almost pure black hair. He thanked me for honouring him — and told us he was 78! He had just descended quite the rocky blocky section, one of the toughest we’ve climbed so far in the trip. Amazing, very inspiring!
  • We stopped in at Crawford Lake to see the lake and the reconstructed village. Kookork was very impressed! I bought us some maple sugar, and on the way out, Kookork bought us each an ice cream cone! On a 28km day, these carbs disappeared into our muscles and kicked us along the trail quite nicely. 

Two packs of coyotes now yipping and wailing at each other, with a farm dog joining in the chorus over a bass line of lowing cows. I’m leaving my ‘ears’ in tonight, all the better to enjoy the incoming weather. 

Good night all!

Oh, and today I got a wonderful present — or will when I get home — from Dan, who searched out and found and drove two hours to get me something that saves me more than 10% of my ‘base weight’. One kilogram is the single biggest savings I’ve been able to make! Details to come …

4 thoughts on “Kicked out of …

    • Truly enjoying every minute! So great to have made a friend to hike with; so wonderful to be in the natural world around the clock, day after day!

  1. I hope you’re ok! That was some storm … it woke me up. I can only imagine what it must have been like for you in your hammock. Been checking for updates ever since and am getting concerned.

    • I love storms! This one was without wind, so I felt especially safe. We chose a good location, lowish, well below the crest of a hill, away from high trees, protected by small trees … One lovely crack of lightning followed almost immediately by a long rumbling peal of thunder rolling off the surrounding hills! Ahh! Most of the lightning seems to be cloud-to-cloud, not cloud-to-ground. Perfectly dry all night.

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