Tread softly!

En route! 2016 May 03, Tuesday 03 08:45 — with a full range of emotions!

Met my first namesake of the year and of the Bruce Trail — Trillium grandiflorum. (There will be a future post explaining this in more detail.)

White blaze on concrete. I didn’t even start to count how many white blazes I’ve passed today … This one had a special look to it. 

I’m trying to leave as minimal a trace as possible along the Trail — but I want no trace of Poison Ivy on me!

Tread softly!

3 thoughts on “Tread softly!

  1. Wheeeeee! I was hoping you’d be blogging en route – when phone battery and cell signal allows, of course! I was at a workshop on Indigenous Learning today, and thought of you as one man described growing up in the forest north of Lake Huron. I also thought of you because it was bloody cold sitting outside in the wind this afternoon – hope the trees kept you more sheltered! Have a good first night!

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