Rabbit Holes & Obsessions

Oh dear …

Yes, I am obsessive …

I’m four plus months into this latest obsession, and there are just so many rabbit holes to burrow into. 

In short, I’m well into my planning for thru-hiking the Bruce Trail. As an amateur botanist & general naturalist, I’ve long wanted to follow Spring northwards. Now’s my choice. In early May, I’ll be starting at Queenston, down near Niagara Falls, and hike perhaps an average of 20+ kilometres a day until some forty days later, I’ll end the nearly 900 kilometres at Tobermory.

Why? Simply put, because I can now. And that’s going to less possible as the years pass. (I’ll explain more in the future.)

So I’ve got spreadsheets, at least 20 books read (and that number more to read at least!), many (too many …) online forums browsed, and not enough people talked to. 

Correction: I’m well aware that almost every chat I now have with people sooner or later morphs into something connected with backpacking. I’m sorry, folks. Soon — perhaps — that phase will pass. “Oh, you play cello! Have you seen this amazing video of a cello prof who climbs up an 11,000 foot mountain and plays some Bach at the top! Let me show you …”

I’m eager to learn from those of you — or your connections — who have experience and knowledge to share with me. More please!

So my gear is more or less sorted out. I must reduce it now, based primarily on direct experience. Or indirect, if you have thoughts. 

I’m needing to start assembling my food, particularly ‘dinners’. I’ve got resources and ideas. I’ve got supplies. Now to put them together. Action, not thought. 

I’ve done some physical training, swinging my pack on day hikes, sleeping in my hammock between apple trees I the backyard, walking around town. More, much more is required! I especially need several shakedown hikes of 3–5 days duration. Those will come as warmer weather comes — though we really can’t complain about this mild open winter!

Forty day and forty nights, eh? (I’m hoping to avoid future biblical references, but aren’t they tempting?)

I’d love to have you accompany me for any or all of my adventure:  physically for a day or more;  more metaphorically via this blog or through random postings on Twitter @BruceTraillium

(The photo of the beautiful light highlighting the leaves of the young beech is along the Bruce Trail through the nearby and beloved Mono Cliffs Park. There’s a Robert Frost connection here, isn’t there!)


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